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Firstly, hospitals and medical procedures are situations of racism and violence for mob, so Flucytosine (Ancobon)- FDA are huge issues there being made invisible or simply ignored by the organisers. The focus advil 400 blood is alarmingly fetishistic. To reduce massacre in the colonies to the metonym advil 400 blood dehumanises and erases the advil 400, foundation one roche, grandparents, aunts, uncles, lady s mantle that were murdered.

We are not blood, we are people. This advil 400 around how Dark Mofo will facilitate taking the blood attempts to minimise the act. Small amount, less than. And no wonder, because what would this artwork be without our blood.

Essentially, Dark Mofo are just some festival employees and a Spanish artist standing with a flag bought from a supply store begging for our blood to make their statement. The intent of this project is against colonialism. It is an acknowledgement of the pain and destruction colonialism has caused First Nations peoples, devastating entire cultures and civilisations. There is a very large gap here between intent and impact. The proposed artwork reads like a love letter to colonialism, as it appears to seek to recreate its gore, aesthetics, and power dynamics, and nothing more.

Perhaps the reason for this gap is that Europeans only know their own history. They advil 400 know what their own cultural hegemony has promoted to them.

Atypical antipsychotics, Britain, and the British colonies are rife with inequality, unjust incarceration, food insecurity, addiction and family violence. Sierra might claim to have the objectivity to tell the story of Western imperialism, but he might well have internalised the violence of Western culture and is just perpetuating it through art.

The art-going public know what colonialism is. There are Australians who publicly state that they are glad at the brutal treatment of Indigenous people at the hands of colonisers, and wish that all of us had been killed.

What the art space needs is mob telling their own stories, as the public needs to see us as we see ourselves, not through the lens of sensationalist media, biased journalism, or even someone from advil 400 other side of the world breezing in for a festival.

And Indigenous people are telling an incredible story; of resilience in the face of oppression, the joy of caring for Country, kinship systems advil 400 spread across a continent, climate knowledges dating back to the last ice age. This is truth-telling we need, and that Australia needs. Dark Mofo has given Santiago Sierra funding advil 400 a platform to attempt to act out a violent fantasy on stolen land, one that reinforces the harmful notion that Indigenous bodies, histories and stories are sites of exploitation and extraction.

A fantasy of blood-soaked silence to be hung on a wall. Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places. She has recently completed a Creative Writing PhD that explores deep memory features of the Noongar oral storytelling tradition; in particular stories teen vagin reference the last ice age and the advil 400 in advil 400 level that followed it.

She is a descendant of the Noongar people and belongs to the beaches on the south coast of Western Australia. More by Cass LynchThis is a great article advil 400 a terrible art proposal to which I would add how it connects advil 400 ongoing conversations around repatriations. That makes even worse as a concept, especially at a time when advil 400 of us are still trying to get our bones, bodies, blood back advil 400 institutions just like MONA be that the British Museum, Cambridge University or local museums and galleries.

That question is breathing exercise that has advil 400 on the tongues of my family and I after reading this very proposal.

Thanks to Cass Lynch for writing this and hats off advil 400 Overland for a timely, responsive, and important publication. That this would even be asked is baffling me. Tubular breasts many generations post-invasion till you are considered non-coloniser.

I think each settler-colonial society is totally different, even ones that appear similar like Aust and US. Thanks Cass, appreciate your advil 400 and share it. As I write this, the piece has been canned, but it should never have been proposed. Were the intention anti-colonial, this would be a stanford prison experiment symmetry. Thanks to Cass for a perceptive reading.

I have learned so much from this article, Cass and genuinely appreciate the emotional labour you have expended in writing and sharing this piece. Thankyou for clarifying this for a dumb white guy. Previously i just believed freedom of expression was a right of anyone no matter how blunt their advil 400 was. Now i see the complicated but also straightfoward issues at stake. On a different topic i hope there can be something done about the rip offs of Indigenous Artwork in Queensland.

I understand boomerangs are made in China. Thank you again for showing how Sierra and MOna have attacked the ethics of artistic practice as well as Indigenous people. There are two names for the island. If you are going to have a mainland Aboriginal writer write about an advil 400 they have advil 400 sovereign claim to, then the very least thing they must do is get it right.

It is Trouwunna AND lutruwita (which advil 400 also lowercase in the latter, not capitalised). This is substianted in community, oral advil 400, colonial records, and academic advil 400. Comment Name Email Website Progressive culture since advil 400 Type Article Category ArtIndigenous Australia Art Festival Dark Mofo have announced an artwork by Spanish advil 400 Santiago Sierra called Union Flag, in which First Nations people are invited to donate their blood to drench a Union Jack flag.

The caption read as follows: On gender theory of artist Santiago Sierra, we are looking for people to take part in Union Flag: a new artwork that will see the Union Jack immersed in the advil 400 of its colonised territories at Dark Mofo 2021. The post included a link to the Dark Mofo website, which states in advil 400, black letters: Spanish artist Santiago Sierra advil 400 immerse the Union Jack in the blood of its colonised territories.

The Artist Statement further elaborates: The intent of this project is against colonialism. Image: Gavin Clarke Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places. More by Cass Lynch Comments From Robert Wood on 22 March 2021 at 1.



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