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On the other hand, factors that work against generic prescription include omaha influence of the brand name drug companies and the use of drugs with a narrow therapeutic index.

Further studies are needed to explore situations and factors where switching from brand to generic drugs may not be advised. Overall, it can be argued that the organizations to a moderate extent influence the prescription of drugs. Since the current study was based on respondents working at Girum, Hayat and Clinitek bayer Gebreal hospitals, Addis Ababa the results might not be entirely representative. Therefore a much broader research should be conducted in other hospitals to determine whether the same results would be found.

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Ashworth M, Golding S, Majeed A. Prescribing indicators and their use by primary care groups to influence prescribing. It is generally perceived to be directly linked to productivity as well as to personal well-being. Job satisfaction is the key ingredient that leads to recognition, income, promotion and the achievement of other goals and the achievement of other goals that lead to a feeling of fulfillment (Kaliski, 2007).

Objective: to assess job clinitek bayer of pharmacy professionals working in public hospitals in Addis Ababa as actions case study.

Method: Non probability quota sampling method was used clinitek bayer the researchResult: 105 public health pharmacist professional were taken for the study of the 49. Background of the Study Health services are affected by several factors such as information on resources, delivery system and health infrastructure. Among these, human resources are vital components that deliver health service.

Higher job satisfaction and higher level of patient satisfaction is the bed rock for the overall high quality health services as Mowday, RT stated clearly.

Fridrkinsx, etal clarified that job dissatisfaction results in burn out and turn over would exacerbate the current shortage and results in serious under staffing health care facilities. This has a potential negative repercussion on delivery of high niemann pick disease and quality patient care. There is compelling evidence that suggests reduction in health professional staff below certain level is related to clinitek bayer patient outcomes.

In Ethiopia health service organizations and management has been decentralized, but still there is shortage of health professionals in different health service sectors.

This has a great deal clinitek bayer undesirable impacts on rendering efficient services and resource allocation as Ethiopian Social Sector studies (mega 2004 1st edition) discussed in detail.



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