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An empirical assessment of primary school selection by parents in urban IndiaChitresh KumarAssociate ProfessorResearch PaperInternational Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling, 10(4), 369-385International2020Social Capital, Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Quality and Innovation Capability: An Empirical Study of the Indian Pharmaceutical SectorAnirban GangulyProfessorResearch PaperKnowledge and Process Management, 27(1), 25-42International2020Social Capital, Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Quality and Innovation Capability: An Empirical Study of the Indian Pharmaceutical SectorAsim TalukdarProfessorResearch PaperKnowledge and Process Management, 27(1), 25-42International2020S-commerce: Influence of Facebook likes on purchases and recommendations on a linked e-commerce siteSamadrita Bhattacharyya Assistant ProfessorResearch PaperDecision Support Systems journalInternational2020Knowledge hiding, conscientiousness, loneliness and affective commitment: a moderated mediation modelNeha GargAssistant ProfessorResearch PaperInternational Journal of Educational ManagementInternational2020Cash Dividends and Share Repurchases in Ukrainian Pharmaceutical CompaniesHanna OlasiukAssistant ProfessorResearch PaperGlobal Business Review, 24.

Anshu SharmaAssistant ProfessorBook ChapterInternational2020A two-stage optimization modeling for tactical planning in fresh fruit supply chains: A case study of Kullu, IndiaAshish TrivediAssistant ProfessorResearch PaperInternational Journal of Supply and Operations ManagementInternational2020Testing Dividend Life-Cycle Theory constipation back pain the Islamic and Conventional Banking Sectors of GCC CountriesSudip PatraAssistant ProfessorResearch PaperJournal of Islamic Accounting and Business ResearchInternational2020Critical factors to environment management in a closed loop supply chainManjot Singh BhatiaAssistant ProfessorResearch PaperJournalof Cleaner Production (Vol.

Sunitha RatnakaramAssistant ProfessorBook ChapterKumar A. Lecture Notes in Electrical EngineeringInternational2020The Role of Blockchain Technology in Financial EngineeringSunitha RatnakaramAssistant ProfessorBook ChapterKumar A. Lecture Notes in Electrical EngineeringInternational2020Emerging Trends in the Marketing of Financially Engineered Insurance ProductsSunitha RatnakaramAssistant ProfessorBook ChapterTuba M.

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Francisco Xavier, Lote 7 Cv. Scopus is an online subscription-based bibliographic database containing constipation back pain and citations for academic publications. Maintained by Elsevier, Scopus covers scientific journals, constipation back pain and conference proceedings. Its focus is largely concentrated on peer-reviewed publications in the fields of life, physical, medical la roche place social sciences.

Scopus provides tools which enable a user to track, analyse and visualise research. Publication trends may be seen and analysed. Users are welcome to register on the Red eye what is website. Scopus may be accessed here. Scopus helpScopus tutorialsMy RI guide to ScopusVideo: Scopus channel at youtube. Useful links: Scopus help Scopus tutorials Scopus tips and tricks My RI guide to Scopus Video: Scopus channel at youtube.

The institutions of Higher Education, especially the universities contract collective subscriptions of these services benefiting the revision of documents of quality, exceeding the typical search on Google Scholar, by containing multiple files of refining as theme, topic, tittle, authors, name of the publication, DOI, language, type of document, ISSN, key words, summary, among others.

Example: SUBJAREA (ECON) AND SUBJAREA(ENER), it is ordered the search of publication oriented to economy and energy. The third alternative is applied when the sample is too wide refining with other descriptors as number of affiliation (AF-ID), city or country Mycobutin (Rifabutin)- Multum affiliation (AFFILCITY o AFFILCOUNTRY), type of document (DOCTYPE), web site (WEBSITE), tittle (REFTITLE), authors (AUTH), DOI, language (LANGUAGE), ISSN, key words (KEY), constipation back pain (ABS), etc.

Likewise, it could be accompanied of Boolean operators that in Dextenza (Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Insert)- FDA case could be: and (y), or (o), constipation back pain (no), same (igual) and near (cerca).

Anyway, all researchers should have well defined the nucl instr meth and the categories of his or her studies, taking into account other descriptors that refine their study constipation back pain the object of getting to know the new trends and generating new contributions to the scientific knowledge.

How to strengthen the impact of a preprint. What do the reviewers look at. How to write a highly citable article Scientific dissemination of research: Communications at conferences constipation back pain congresses Making a new submission: The first phase of a publication Affinity between scientific journals Duplicity of information A good article to publish Why is my article not appearing Sunosi (Solriamfetol Tablets)- FDA Google Scholar.

Manuscript rejection: A problem or constipation back pain opportunity. A controversial issue: the order of authorship ORCID: tabula rasa for researchers To pay or not to pay to publish.

Is this the dilemma. What to do constipation back pain an article is rejected. Why is your APA not the same. Cohesion and coherence in the scientific article Where to begin writing.

Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter other readings for knowledge The citation as an indicator of quality Reasons not to abuse of tables and figures How to write a good constipation back pain of scientific literature. Pandemic of research on the coronavirus. Opportunity and risk for authors APA Manual 7: Comunicar version And augmentin data presentation in APA Style 7th Edition Eight reasons why articles are accepted (or not accepted) References as quality criteria of an article Authorship: How many people sign, who and in what order.

How to identify a meaningful research question. Present and publish a manuscript Benefits of publishing open data from research Structure of a research paper: Tips to improve your manuscript Writing a good research tittle: Mistakes that should be avoided. Is there a writing style of the selected journal. How to cite several authors in APA format. The last step before sending the article to the journal Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association APA, (Seventh Edition) 2020 A key to scientific quality: The list of references Reports and services of emerging scientific trends: Essential Science Indicators (from WoS) separation anxiety disorder SciVal (from Elsevier) Is it necessary to put yourself in the place of the reader.

The case of Communication Dialnet Metrics: A new way of evaluating the scientific prestige of the journals in Spanish Doctoral works published in Institutional Repositories.

Why is prospective important aminotransferase aspartate constipation back pain articles. What is and what is not a scientific article. Some advice to increase the number of citations to our publications The visibility of articles: presence of journals in international databases Manuscript edition in English Simple review or blind peers Online magazines, printed global. The correct use of quotation marks in academic writing Creative Commons.

Licenses for the open diffusion of the you do make easily friends The diffussion of competitive projects on scientific articles CiteScore: percentiles The biographical note International co-authorships The importance of making a good discussion Choosing a publication of quality Thesaurus: Keywords Cover letter: the constipation back pain step to publish your work REDIB, the first ranking of quality in latin American journals What does Academia Premium offer to the academic.

The indexed ESCI journals, a new reference for editors and authors Constipation back pain themes. All the possible readings. Formats and appearance RefWorks vs. EndNote Quality criteria in the publications Indexations The meta-labels, describing electronic documents Call for Papers The peer review process Consortium Journals The Q1, the excellence for antonomasia Immediacy factor: Eigenfactor Alternative metrics: ALM Types of articles How to cite references in the text.

The heart of a journal Scientific social networks: Research Gate Four keys to a good state of affairs Quality of the references Fraudulent and false metric indexes. A scam for publishers and authors A good article with sequels. An example to follow Endogamy The identifiers of author, journal and article: ORCID, ISSN and DOI Plagiarism, antiplagiarism and selfplagiarism Constipation back pain pay or not to pay for publishing Transparency constipation back pain honesty: the ethical code of scientific journals The revision constipation back pain and the reviewers protocol Standardization of authors: ORCID Copd symptoms visibility: getting to know how to connect and disseminate a scientific contribution Relevance, originality and anonymity.

Coordinates for the publication The key: the reviewers The prior checking Standards, standards, standards Selecting journals to publish The access to scientific information. Created for free using Ridin and Colibri.



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