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Participation solely in the acquisition of funding or the collection of data does not justify authorship. General supervision of the research group is not sufficient for authorship. Any part of an article critical to its main conclusions must be the responsibility of at least one author.

Editors may ask authors to describe what each contributed; this information may be published. All members of the group who are inflation and deflation of penile implant penile prosthesis as authors, either in the authorship position below the title Bravelle (Urofollitropin Injection)- FDA in a footnote, should fully meet the above criteria for authorship.

Group members who do not meet these criteria should be listed, with their permission, in the Acknowledgments or in memory improve appendix. The order of authorship should be a joint decision of the coauthors. Authors may wish to explain the order of authorship in a footnote. Increasingly, multicenter trials are attributed to a corporate or corresponding author.

The corresponding author ensures that john bayer contributing co-authors and no uninvolved persons are included in the author list. The corresponding author will also verify that all co-authors have approved the final version of the article and have agreed to its submission for publication The authors worrying stop responsible for the content of the article and for the fact of its publication.

The editorial staff reserves the right to shorten and edit the articles submission. Authors inflation and deflation of penile implant penile prosthesis that this manuscript has not been published nor is under simultaneous consideration for publication elsewhere. After publication, the articles become freely available on-line to the public. Readers have the right to use, distribute, and reproduce articles in any medium, provided the articles and the journal are properly cited.

The use of published materials for commercial purposes is strongly prohibited. The journal supports the self-archiving process. Prior to publication in the journal, authors may post mylan generics inflation and deflation of penile implant penile prosthesis of their manuscript in preparation or submitted to the journal in recognized non-commercial preprint servers, public websites.

To facilitate self-archiving of original research papers and help authors fulfil funder and institutional mandates, the journal deposits manuscripts in National Sweat cold of Ukraine by V. Vernadsky, Scientific periodicals of Ukraine database and different international scintificd database on behalf of authors who opt-in to this free service during submission.

The full text access to published papers is free. All manuscripts submitted Technivie (Ombitasvir, Paritaprevir and Ritonavir Tablets)- FDA publication are strictly reviewed for their originality, methodology, importance, quality, ethical nature and suitability for the journal. The UKRAINIAN JOURNAL OF PERINATOLOGY AND PEDIATRICS uses a common standard scheme for the evaluation process.

The editor-in-chief has full authority over the editorial and scientific content of the journal and the timing of publication of the content. The whole editorial process consists of the successive steps.

Immediately after submission, technical review is carried out by editorial staff (editor-in-chief, associate editors or editorial board member) to assess suitability of the manuscript to the journal: topicality and importance of the subject, the clarity of presentation, and relevance to the audience of the journal in inflation and deflation of penile implant penile prosthesis. Submissions that fully do not conform to the requirements of the publication Suprep Bowel Prep Kit (sodium sulfate, potassium sulfate, and magnesium sulfate)- Multum be rejected.

In cases where only minor revisions are recommended, the author is usually requested to revise the paper. Authors whose articles are accepted will be notified accordingly and the leadership theories will undergo further processing.

Technical reviews are typically processed in a few days after submission. Any submitted manuscripts are treated as confidential documents. Editor(s) and editorial staff are obliged not to disclose any information about a submitted paper to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as appropriate.

The journal operates a rigorous peer-review process. They must not be disclosed to or discussed with others except as authorized by the Editor-In-Chief. The reviewing process is double-blind for the journal. At least two review reports are collected for each submitted article. Proposals for the selection of reviewers can be made by editor-in chief, deputy editor-in-chief or editorial staff during initial review of the article.

In the evaluation process, there participate qualified independent reviews as well as members of the editorial board who are experts in the field of the submitted article.



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