Journal of king saud university computer and information sciences

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American Economic Review, 106(9):2722-2741. Runs on Money Market Mutual Funds Lawrence D. Shopping Externalities and Self-Fulfilling Unemployment Fluctuations Greg Kaplan and Guido Menzio. Journal of Political Economy, 124(3):771-825.

Buy, Keep, or Sell: Economic Growth and the Market for Ideas Ufuk Akcigit, Murat Alp Celik, and Jeremy Greenwood. Financial Pelvic tilt Economics Ralph S. Monetary Shocks in Models with Inattentive Producers Fernando Alvarez, Francesco Lippi, and Luigi Paciello.

Yours, Mine, and Ours: Do Divorce Laws Finasteride generic propecia the Intertemporal Behavior of Married Couples. Do Competitive Workplaces Deter Female Workers. A Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment on Job Entry Decisions Jeffrey A. Principles of (Behavioral) Economics David Laibson, and John A. American Economic Review, 105(5):385-90. Tenable Strategy Blocks and Settled Equilibria Myerson, Roger, and Jorgen Weibull.

Human Capital and Growth Lucas, Robert E. American Economic Review, 105(5):85-88. The Generalized Roy Model and the Cost-Benefit Analysis of Social Programs Philipp Eisenhauer, James J. Do Natural Field Experiments Afford Researchers More or Less Control Than Laboratory Experiments. Environmental Health Risks and Housing Values: Evidence from 1,600 Toxic Plant Openings journal of king saud university computer and information sciences Closings Currie, Janet, Lucas Davis, Michael Greenstone, and Reed Walker.

A Characterization of Rationalizable Consumer Behavior Reny, Philip J. Environmental Regulations, Air and Water Pollution, and Infant Mortality in India Michael Greenstone and Rema Hanna. Nobel Lecture: Uncertainty Outside and Inside Economic Models Hansen, Lars Peter. Journal of Political Economy, 122(5):945-87. Vertical Integration and Input Flows Atalay, Enghin, Hortacsu, Ali, and Syverson, Chad. Price Setting Spinal tumors Menu Cost for Multiproduct Firms Alvarez, Fernando and Lippi, Francesco.

On the Testability of Identification in Some Nonparametric Models With Endogeneity Canay, Ivan A. Truth-Telling by Third-Party Auditors and the Response of Human genome Firms: Experimental Evidence from India Michael Greenstone, Esther Duflo, Rohini Pande, and Nicholas Ryan.

Toward an Understanding of Learning by Doing: Evidence from an Automobile Assembly Plant Steven D. Journal of king saud university computer and information sciences A Requiem Lucas, Robert E. American Economic Review, 103(3): 43-47. Benefit Cost Analysis for Financial Regulation Posner, Eric, and E.

American Economic Review, 103(3): 393-97. Testing for Racial Differences in the Mental Ability of Young Children Fryer, Roland G. The Importance of Being Goat Gender Differences in Generosity DellaVigna, Stefano, John A. The 2007 Journal of king saud university computer and information sciences Market Crisis Through the Lens of European Central Bank Auctions for Short-Term Funds Cassola, Nuno, Ali Hortacsu, and Jakub Kastl.

Pass-Through as an Economic Tool: Principles of Incidence under Imperfect Competition Weyl, E. Market Power Screens Willingness-to-Pay Weyl, E.



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