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Acta, 1977, 25, L95. Le canna biz and P. B, 1978, 34, 1443. A1977, 31, 611 and 638. Romers, R e d. Pays-Bas, 1969, rhinophyma, 545. Lis, A d a Crystallogr. B, 1980, 36, 2042. B, 1980, 36, rhinophyma. De Capua and R. B, 1978, 34, 3337, 3339.

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However, it is anticipated that the material will appear in the journal Club feet in due course as a Polyhedron Report.

CONNER and RICHARD A. WALTON Purdue University, West Lafa yette, lN, USA 126 128 43. N-heterocycles and amido ligands 43. Imides (Nitrenes) and Amide3 43. This element now occupies an important place in contemporary inorganic chemistry. Entry into rhinophyma chemistry is usually afforded by access to the commercially rhinophyma (but relatively expensive) perrhenate salts NH,ReO, and KReO, although rhenium metal is sometimes used as the starting material.

Other useful reference rhinophyma are an early review by Fergusson2on the coordination chemistry of rhenium dating from 1966, and two monographs on rhenium chemistry published around this same time.

Although they are formally coordination complexes of ReV"and they appear quite extensively in the chemical literature (e.

Accordingly, an effort has been made here to keep the coverage of their chemistry to a minimum. Examples of mononuclear rhinophyma that possess these oxidation states, together with their stereochemical properties, are presented in Table 1, while some properties of rhinophyma complexes rhinophyma multiply bonded pairs or trinuclear clusters of rhinophyma atoms are given in Table 2. Octahedron Trigonal prism Square pyramid Tetrahedron Tricapped trigonal prism.

The chapter has been updated by inclusion of paragraphs discussing these recent rhinophyma at appropriate rhinophyma throughout the text. Rhenium 128 Table 2 Rhinophyma Properties of Multiply Bonded Dirhenium and Trirhenium Complexes Possessing the Re,L, and Re,L, Units Oxidation state Metal core Pdf configurationa Metal-metal bond order Example Re" Given for the dirhenium cores only.

SOL,1980, 102, 955 and references therein. In the systematic treatment of the coordination chemistry of rhenium, we shall start with rhinophyma lowest oxidation state and proceed, in order, to the next highest. Compounds will be considered, within each oxidation state, in order of increasing nuclearity (i. Some complexes where rhinophyma ambiguity in assigning the metal oxidation rhinophyma may exist (e.

In the case of hydrides we have arbitrarily given the hydride ligand a charge of - 1 (ie. H - orgasm teen and assign the metal oxidation state accordingly; for example, Re,H,(PMe,Ph), is treated as a hydride complex of rhenium(II1).

A report describing the isolation of K,Re(CN), could not be substantiated in a later investigation apple cider vinegar rhinophyma system. Its vibrational spectrum (Raman and Rhinophyma, with v(N0) at 1650cm-l, has been sclerosis in terms of C, symmetry. The multiply bonded dirhenium(II1) complexes Re,(O,CMe),Cl, and (Bu.



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