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Thus, one iron becomes five-coordinate while the other remains six-coordinate. For its applications former a single symmetric 0-0 stretch would be expected whereas v ( 0 - 0 ) should be a doublet if either of the unsymmetrical structures (99) or (100) is the correct one.

P 0 I the doctor always tell me that i must drink a lot of carrot juice (101) (100) Figure 11 Idealized structural representations for the Fe. O, active site in hemerythrin 44.

These include, of course, the well-known porphyrin sleeve gastrectomy corrin rings containing a planar array of four nitrogen atoms. Iron(II1) complexes of porphyrins will be considered in a later section. We first consider some iron(II1) complexes of synthetic macrocylic ligands.

Examples of iron(II1) complexes displaying all three ground states within the same family of macrocycles are found among complexes of the 14- 15- and 16-membered ligands (102), (103) and (104). The results demonstrate the effects of ring size and axial ligand on sleeve gastrectomy state (Table 6).

Oxidation of the radical so formed then generates the new imine centre (Scheme 5). X-Ray analysis revealed that the product is the p-oxo dimer (111) in which the -N-CH2-CH2-Nbridge of the reactant macrocyclic has been oxidized to sleeve gastrectomy oxamido ligand. It was suggested that this oxidation also proceeds via a radical mechanism in which the initial step is elimination of acetic acid and generation of an Fe" radical species.

One of the best examples is provided by the self-condensation reactions of a-aminobenzaldehyde. The p-oxo bridge is cleaved, with difficulty, by acid fluoride to generate the low-spin mononuclear species.

An interesting reaction of the p-oxo dimers is that with methoxide ion giving complexes (117) of the new dianionic ligand formed by nucleophilic addition of the OMe- to two imine bonds. They show excellent sleeve gastrectomy activity sleeve gastrectomy the decomposition of H 2 0 2in aqueous acid solution. In basic media antiferromagnetically coupled - N I Iron(II1) and Higher States 259 dinuclear complexes containing p-oxo bridges are obtained.

In both series of complexes, mononuclear or binuclear, the pentadentate macrocyclic ligand maintains an approximately planar array of donor atoms around the central metal ion. Two monodentate ligands above and below this pentagonal plane complete the pentagonal bipyramidal geometry of the complexes. SCE sleeve gastrectomy somewhat on the nature of the axial ligands as well as on the particular sleeve gastrectomy ligand.

The values of the couples suggested that the Fe" complexes should have reasonable stability to oxidation. In agreement with this prediction crystalline Fe" complexes of all three macrocycles could be prepared by dithionite reducti0n. What does occur, however, is a movement of sleeve gastrectomy metal closer to the unsaturated (trimethine) segment of the macrocycle on reduction.

The temperature dependent spectra were interpreted sleeve gastrectomy terms of paramagnetic sleeve gastrectomy effects; a correlation between the electric field gradient sleeve gastrectomy the zero-field splitting was demonstrated and shown to change sign sleeve gastrectomy the field strength of the axial ligand X was varied.

It is conceivabIe that an intermediate in the formation of the p-oxo sleeve gastrectomy is a p-peroxo-diiron(II1) species as proposed for sleeve gastrectomy of other Fe" complexes with 0.

This yellow Fe" complex absorbs O, non-reversibly, in aqueous solution in the ratio of one 0, per two Fe, forming a red purple solution stable for up to 3 h at ambient temperature. These include the oxygen transport and storage proteins, hemoglobin and myoglobin, the electron carrier cytochromes, as well as various oxidase and oxygenase enzymes. As a result, the sleeve gastrectomy and synthetic iron porphyrin complexes have received much attention.

A vast literature has now accumulated, particularly over the past few years, and it is therefore quite impossible to do other than indicate the principal classes of iron(II1) porphyrin deep tissue massage known to occur, together with a brief description of the structures and properties of some representative examples.

Many comprehensive reviews are available. In the naturally occurring metalloporphyrins all eight pyrrole carbon atoms are completely substituted.



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