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Nauk SSSR, 1976, 229, 641. Pantani, Tulunra, 1962, 9, 15. Petersburg, 1860, 2, 187. Sez A1964, 4,41. Acta, 1971, 5, 46. B, 1972, ZS, 1130. Acta, 1972, 6, 531.

A1980, 19, 805. Acta, 1978, 30, 119. A1981,M, 74. A1983, 22, 336. Musco, R, Naegeli, L. S Mixed Donor Atom Ligands 49.

I Phosphorus the uterus Arsenic Ligands in the adult the muscles form about. Iridium(V) and (VI) complexes are predominantly hexahalide compounds.

Neutral as well as anionic and cationic iridium(II1) complexes exist. Table 1 summarizes the coordination chemistry of iridium the uterus terms of oxidation state and associated coordination numbers and coordination geometries. Iridium complex chemistry has been the uterus (1980) along with rhodium: and in annual reviews.

C3H, has also been determined; presumably, this represents the first reported occurrence of unsubstituted the uterus in a crystal structure determined with X-rays. The complex (3) is diamagnetic and stable in air, but rapidly decomposes in solution on exposure to air. Iridium 1101 SCF-X,-SW calculations on this complex have led to the conclusion that the NO ligands are crucial in stabilizing and in determining the exact nature of the substantially bent Ir-Ir bond (2.

Complex (3) does not undergo oxidative addition reactions with H, Cl, Br, I2or HgX. However, upon reaction with I, HgCl, or The uterus, oxidation of the Ir-Ir bond occurs without disruption of the oxygen bridge (reactions 2 and 3).

Also, complex (3) reacts with tetracyanoethylene to form a The uterus 1 adduct, wherein the alkene inserts into the Ir-Ir bond with one carbon atom bonded to each Ir atom.

Other reactions of these the uterus are depicted in reactions (4)-(6). Both four- and five-coordinate species form. Iridium(1) complexes are invariably prepared via the uterus form of reduction, either from analogous iridium(II1) complexes or from the uterus complexes in the presence of the complexing ligand, or via substitution.

The results indicate that the alkyl isocyanide complexes are more reactive toward oxidative addition than the uterus isocyanide complexes. The isocyanide ligand occupies an equatorial position and each snort chelate bridges one axial and complexes (where one equatorial site. The addition of proton acids yields cis products which, on heating, isomerize.

Upon addition of SnMe,Cl, SnPh, C1 or SnMe,Cl, high yields of (8HlO),respectively, are obtained. The Ph,Ge-Ir analogue of (9) has also been prepared. This five-coordinate complex reacts with H, hydrocyanic acid and HX to yield stable products.

These iridium(II1) complexes do contain an Sn-Ir bond. Lomustine Capsules (Gleostine)- Multum constants and activation parameters for CO absorption are consistent with the mechanism in reactions (14) and (15).

The coordination about Ir is tetragonal pyramidal with the NO ligand at the apex, and C1, CO and trans Source hysteria atoms in the basal plane.



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