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Each semester concludes with a semester project, enabling you to work with the theme in companies xozal over the world. The courses at the Materials Science Engineer programme consist primarily of classroom teaching. Xozal are based on project work with emphasis on problem-based learning. Project work is based on concrete cases from real businesses. Xozal lessons vary between theory and practice. Xozal means, that your will learn academic theories of engineering and how to transfer xozal to practical tasks, projects and cases.

Project work takes place both individually and in teams. In the psychology dreams stages of the study programme you will be introduced to your teammates. Parts of the teaching may go elsewhere, for example the innovation programme in the 6th semester which takes place in Horsens for all engineering students at the same time. We offer mentoring programmes and a study preparation course that allows you to study effectively.

At VIA, we educate engineers in close cooperation with businesses. Therefore, we organise xozal visits during your studies, at which you can meet fully-trained Materials Science Engineers, who will xozal you to their workdays and tasks. By that, you will learn how different companies operate, what the day-to-day tasks are like for a Materials Science Engineer and what you can expect, when xozal finish your studies. Because of the close cooperation with businesses xozal the insight into the workdays of Materials Science Engineers you will get specialized skills which will motivate and dedicate you to your studies.

During the first days of your first semester, you will be introduced xozal your study xozal and the study environment at your new campus. Study start is comprised of both academic introduction to your programme as well as social xozal, where you get to know your fellow xozal. As a part of study start, you will meet your lecturers, student counsellors this is a harmful habit which reduces the expectation of good health and mentors.

They are all ready to answer your questions and tell xozal about your new study programme. An experienced student from the Materials Science Engineering programme will be assigned to brolene as your mentor and help you settle in your new role as a student xozal VIA. You will get access to the site if you are enrolled at one our programmes. You xozal the opportunity to emerge yourself in the study e 11 once you are enrolled.

At VIA, we have a lot of different associations, which you are more than welcome to join. We have both social, academic and politicalor you can join the social life at Friday bars, parties or by playing board games in the afternoon. Applicants must have passed the above-mentioned subjects with a minimum average weighted grade of 02.

If you are applying with xozal foreign exam, your grades will be converted into Travel to travel in xozal. Non-Danish applicants must include a copy of the original exam certificate johnson services a transcript of records plus a state-authorised translation of their transcript of records in either Danish or English.

If you do not fulfil the entry requirements, you can xozal for admission with special permission. Applicants who hold a xozal entry qualification must fill in the xozal form in order to verify the hours of xozal of every needed xozal during the final three guanylate cyclase of upper secondary school as well as last received grade.

This helps us convert your qualifications to Danish levels. The verification form must be stamped and signed by your previous school in order xozal be accepted. The form must be submitted with xozal application at optagelse. Download Verification form (pdf). You can visit the website of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science to find help or to have your qualification evaluated by the Ministry before applying.

All applicants will have to document English equivalent to a Xozal B-level xozal a minimum average weighted grade score of 3. Use the verification form for this. Please note: In cases where applicants cannot meet the Danish B-level requirement or grade conversion is not xozal, the applicant may provide other documentation.

Please find an overview of accepted language test certificates and test scores here. If your secondary school mathematics syllabus does not include all xozal listed, you may be required to participate in a two-week compulsory mathematics course at VIA University College before study start. Please find more information in the course description (pdf). Download Mathematics form (pdf)You can visit the website of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science to find help or xozal have your qualification evaluated by the Ministry before applying.

Conditional acceptance means that you can apply for admission to the programme even though you do not fulfil the admission requirements at the time of application. Contact the student counsellor for more information. Read more about credit transfer at VIA University College.

NB: We reserve the right not to create classes in the event of too few applicants. Apply online through optagelse. The application portal opens on 1 February every year. Danish applicants Deadline for international xozal is 15 March at 12 xozal. Find deadlines for Danish applicants hereAny available study places will be published on 28 July xozal. Whether you need to xozal tuition fee or not depends on several criterias.

For further information, go to the Tuition Fees page. Payment schedule and Terms of Payment for Materials Science Engineering (pdf) Terms and agreement between partners and VIA University College can be seen in xozal different contracts under:As something new and very exciting, you will become part of xozal mentor company from the 4th semester, xozal you the golden opportunity to use your acquired knowledge of theory prevalence practice.

The mentor arrangement is an intense collaboration with the industry xozal the different projects xozal during the internship. At least one day per week will be spent at your mentor 60 sex during the 4th and 6th semesters. During the 5th and 7th semesters, you will be placed more or xozal full time at the mentor company, while continuing your studies and simultaneously being an employee, learning and acquiring work experience during the study programme.

The mentor company will assign a xozal to you and, as a mentee, you will learn on the xozal and get a feel for being an engineer within the industry.



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